Grandmother Spider

15 Dec

Untitled. Collaboration piece with Emilie Gordon. 2010

Bed frame, hair and wool. (200cm x 160cm)

1st year BA.

This work is based on A Navajo (Native American) myth where by Grand mother spider is the creator of the world. As the myth states she spun a web, laced it with dew and shot it into the sky where the dew then became stars.

We learnt that the Navajo’s are well known for their formidable weaving skills and our choice of materials came out of this research into their culture. We linked it to modern ideas of weaving as a “woman’s craft” which doesn’t really fit with today’s contemporary ideas that craft should be accessible to both the man as well as the woman. There are many artists using craft as part of their art work, see Ernesto Neto or Nick Cave.


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