Hair and lots of it

15 Dec

Over the past two years I have been collecting hair, be it my own or other peoples’ hair. I have become more aware and

interested in the symbolism of hair in societies past and present, especially within western societies. This keen interest has

stemmed from an article about  ‘pudenda envy’ (envy or ‘fear’ of pubic hair) written by American art critic Jerry Saltz.

The extensive research into the theory of hair has led me to instigate a creative body of work related to how hair plays an

important part within our society and how we view sexuality through the iconography of hair. There is a vast history of hair’s

important roles within society and the vast cultures of the world. The idea of women becoming more and more aware of their

body and the ‘removal’ of their body hair has been a keen interest growing up as a young child who started shaving at the

tender age of 12.


Pudenda Agenda by Jerry Saltz



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