15 Dec

Some of my collaborative works with Ashley Bailey and Emilie Gordon.

These works are from my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at Wimbledon College of Art.

Seduce Then Intercept. 2009

Andrea Macario, Ashley Bailey & Emilie Gordon.

Live Performance.

There is no documentation of the performance

apart from this photo which was part of the


Installation of a made-up museum/grotto of the

History of female art and female performance

Artists working with the idea of the female

experience and the body between 1960-1990.

This Included books, Images and objects carefully

placed in the space.

Outside the entrance to the space was the artist       

Emilie Gordon dressed in the stereotypical attire

of a 50’s housewife ushering the audience in groups of 2-4 persons.

Once entering the space one was confronted by

the compulsive collecting of ephemeral objects

Of the artists influences, creating a shrine-like

museum dedicated to previous female

performance artists. Along side this shrine you

Were confronted by a nude female reading a sex guide for house wives of the 18th

century whilst another female was clothed in cabaret attire and masturbating.


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