Tate Channel: Talking Art: Marina Abramovic

22 Jan

Tate Channel: Talking Art: Marina Abramovic. This is the video of the talk.

I went to see the Marina Abramovic exhibition at the Lisson gallery in November 2010 and I also attended a talk she was doing as part of the Talking Art series in collaboration with Art Monthly.

I had booked tickets for this talk as soon as it had come available. I was so eager to attend this! This happened the weekend when her exhibition at Lisson Gallery opened so I went along to the exhibition in anticipation for the talk. The talk really got me going. I sat right at the front so I was an arm’s length away from her (yes I’m a bit of a groupie!) and took note of everything she said. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find my notes from that talk, I must find them!

This talk did motivate my latest performance piece where I pluck my pubic hair with tweezers as a duration piece. She inspired me in this talk to create this piece. It was when she was talking about how an artist cannot make work about pain or suffering unless they feel those emotions themselves. That struck a chord with  me, I had been reading a book about a tribe called the Bakitara and there were particular bits which stood out such as the young bride to be having to have her pubic hair shaved by her mother. I knew I wanted to create work around that and I didn’t know how and after the talk I knew what I had to do.

She mentioned that artists must suffer for their art, she said it’s a great experience and it pushes you to your limits. For her performance is an outer-being experience and I felt jealous that i had not experience that during my performances.

Thank you Abramovic!


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