Datum 09/09 – Seiten der Zeit: Mach mich an

23 Jan

The necklace: Queen of Eggs/In honour of a legend. Performance


I was on the Austrian Cultural website looking at their past exhibitions and I came across these two collaborative artists who had their first solo show in London last year at the ACF. It’s a shame that I missed this exhibition as it looked fantastic and got really good reviews.

I have been looking at their work a lot and even thought about contacting them regarding a placement with them while staying in Vienna but I had no luck in finding any information on how I could contact them. My favourite piece I have seen so far is the piece titled The Queen of Eggs which is a necklace made from tights and hair. It’s so tribal, they could easily have come out of a tribe with it. Unfortunately there’s not much to read up about them, most articles are in German or another language such as Slovakian. It’s probably due to the fact that their up and coming artists but I hope to find out about them while I’m in Vienna.


Elke Auer and Esther Straganz


"Would the knotted Subject please stand up", Wien 2008

http://www.datum.at/0909/stories/5891309 (article in German)

also: http://www.bellyflopmag.com/performing-arts-dance-blog/2010/07/austrian-cultural-forum-london-lick-our-souls-the-visual-arts-platform/


“Elke Auer and Esther Straganz use found objects, poems and quotidian materials to create installations, performances and wearable sculptures exploring the micro-politics of gender, sex and sexuality. The body, its thresholds and possible extensions are at the heart of the artists’ interest. Conscious of the weight of their subject, and the extensive meanings and associations that accompany it, they have found a way of tackling it – in a manner that is playful, and simultaneously shockingly open.”


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