The Bakitara

31 Jan

The Bakitara.

This piece of text is what inspired me to make “mons pubis”, a performance video where i pluck my pubes with tweezers. It’s based on this tribe’s tradition to prepare a young bride for marriage (page 269). They would “fatten” her up and shave all the hair on her body while her pubic hair had to be plucked by her mother. At times this would take a week to accomplish as it was so painful.

My aim was to complete this action within at least two days and i managed to complete it within an afternoon. It was extremely painful, I don’t think I’ll want to experience it again. But I sympathise with the poor girl, I know how you feel, it’s bloody horrible! For my piece I decided that there would not be any head or full body shots of me as I wanted to keep it simple and bring it down to just the action rather the subject, keep it more objective and at the same time subject people to pain when you see snagging of the skin. I think it makes the piece more powerful as you have no choice but to look at the action rather than the subject and bland things such as what i’m wearing. It definitely confronts people.

Unfortunately I can’t put the video up yet as I need to purchase a DVD ripping software. Bummer!


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