This means nothing to me oohhhhhhh Vienna….

1 Mar

Listening to UltraVox’s “Vienna” song. I love 80’s music.

Any way, Sunday 27th Feb I flew here to this beautiful country that is Austria. As my flight was an evening flight, once I arrived there wasn’t much to see between arriving at the airport and arriving at the place I was staying as it was quite dark. Although the CAT train (that takes you from the airport to the city centre) was somewhat interesting as it was like getting on a double decker bus, only it was a train. I wasn’t able to take any photos of my arrival, It was hard carrying so much luggage…I like travelling but I hate the hustle bustle of it.¬†Christina Geiger (who I’m house swapping with) has finally arrived at my place in London. I’m living with her sister Petra and a German girl named Katja. They’re all very nice and we’ve gotten along plus they have 3 cats so are sooo adorable!

Yesterday I went to do some food shopping down the road at the local supermarket Spar. It wasn’t too bad as I got around fine although the women at the cashier didn’t speak any English so it was funny. I went there again to buy some chocolate as she was like “oh it’s you again…i still don’t speak any english” and we laughed and I said “Guten Tag”. She was nice! So far I have been hanging around the house trying to do some work for the DAS essay so I haven’t ventured out yet. I’m staying in the 13th district which is near Heitzing. It’s like living in Wimbledon and studying in the city centre although travel is cheaper and not stressful! It’s about 30 mins to the Innere stadt (city centre), I get a bus down the road to Heitzing then on the U4 (underground) to Karlsplatz and it’s a 5-10 min walk to Schillerplatz where the Akademie is situated. Should be fun!! We don’t seem to start until some point next week, I haven’t been told when yet.

Tomorrow I have a welcome meeting for all the erasmus students at the Akademie at 11am. I’m still trying to adjust to the time difference, it’s only an hour ahead here but I keep thinking it’s the same time over in London every time I call my boyfriend. At the moment it’s ten to eight in the evening and it’s really dark! Also it’s been quite cold…around -2 degrees since i’ve been here but today at least it has been sunny.

Here are some of the photos i’ve taken so far:

The house number plate

The house where i'm staying

The view down on Hermesstrasse

View from down the road

A sign on someone's garage door. I think it says: No entry.

"School way"

On my trip down the road to the local supermarket

Shopping at the local supermarket

Sehr Gut! Offers on at Spar

Sehr Gut! Offers on at Spar


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