Guten Tag Wien!

11 Mar

So it’s been a while since i’ve been on this.

Since the last time I posted, I have been to the Academie and registered. On Wednesday 2nd March I attended an erasmus welcome meeting which was nice. We had tea, drinks and cake and we were given the low-down on what to expect from the Academy and how to register and so on. It was a pretty relaxed meeting. I met a girl from Glasgow school of Art and two students who study at Central St Martins amongst others. Some of us went to a local cafe/bookstore and had lunch, it was a really nice little place not far from the university.  The Akademie itself is really nice, it’s almost like walking into the National Gallery with it’s marbled flooring in most of it’s hallways. It seems to be somewhat similar to the RA in that it also has a prestigious collection of old paintings which is open to the public. It also has an exhibition space where artists can apply to exhibit (although this system so I have been told is very limited to it’s students who tell me there is no actual exhibition space for students to exhibit).

Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste Wien

Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste Wien

Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste Wien

Apparently it is no longer an actual academy (well it’s not run like it used to be) and is now rather an art university. One of the fascinating things i’ve found so far is that on the course that you choose, say painting, your class is made up of students on different levels. Bachelor, Masters and Phd students are all in the same classes in their chosen fields which is fantastic. Your professor is the person who runs the course/subject that you have chosen to specialise in and the studios are used by everyone in that class. I’ve found out that you can study at the academy for as long as you want as you can decide when to graduate, there are people who have been studying there for 9 years! It’s crazy but then again I guess you get more out of your course and university life. Also there, students and professors treat each other on the same level and even exhibit along side each other which doesn’t really happen so much back in England and definitely not in the same way as they do here.

One of the annoying things i’ve encountered has been the time it takes for classes to start, it seems to be really laid back. I still haven’t registered for the classes or lectures yet as I still don’t have an ID card meaning that I can log in online to register for them yet (but it seems that I have until April to have signed up for everything). The registration process is slow but I have noticed so far that the Austrians are really laid back about things and don’t really worry so much.

On Monday (7th March) I had a class meeting and met my professor and peers.Before the meeting we all gathered in a room to attend a performance by one of the Diploma students (Diploma being the 1 year Masters) and we discussed the work. I didn’t really understand much of it as it was in German but the performance was based on the student’s job as a german teacher for asylum seekers. Everyone’s really nice and the studio is great (photos of that still to come). We have meetings every Monday and the rest of the days you go to your chosen lectures and seminar. We can come into the studios whenever we want, some people don’t come in as their work is site specific based. Oh also, funny think about Austria, they don’t really follow the smoking in public places ban like the rest of Europe. The students can smoke in their studios, well at least in my studios they are!!

Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste Wien/Schillerplatz

Schillerplatz (view from the Akademie)

Last Friday I spent some time at the Naschmarkt and getting lost in the city which was fun! I loved the market, it’s almost like Broadway market in East London although with a lot of cheese!!! There were so many shops/stalls selling cheese!! It’s also a very multicultural market with Chinese, Tibetan, Turkish and traditional Austrian restaurants and shops. I really enjoyed wandering around and seeing what everyone has to offer. Some photos from the market:


Lots and lots of cheese!

Sweetie van


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