Update on my time in Vienna

22 May

Since the last time I posted I had a visitor from London and I started my Performativity and Protest lectures amongst other things i.e. gallery visits, exhibitions, etc.

I will post tomorrow about my experience with the lecture and the content covered, for now I will mention how the lecture has started on a great note and that it’s a very theoretical class. We have been focusing on where artistic research stands within the art world and how politics and art can mix. But more about that tomorrow. So far I’ve enjoyed the classes and have found them to be feeding my enquiry into where my own research stands within my practice.

So my flat mate came to visit me in the first weeks of April which was great as I have been feeling a little home-sick and my personal life has changed so much out of this experience in Vienna. Whilst he was here we visited many galleries and explored the culinary delights of the diverse foods on offer in this beautiful city. We spent most of our lunches at the Naschtmarkt, one of Vienna’s tourist markets which is conveniently situated near the Akademie and Karlsplatz.

The galleries/museums we visited:

  • MUMoK (Aktionsraum 1, Direct Art, Florian Pumhösl, Abstract Space and Tacita Dean)
  • The Secession (Klimt-Beethoven Frieze, Inés Lombardi, Alfons Egger and Christoph Meier)
  • Kunsthalle Wien (Andro Wekua: Never sleep with a strawberry in your mouth, Weltraum: Die Kunst und Ein Traum)
  • WUK (A work That Can’t Shake Off What it Reflects)
  • Museum für Völkerkunde Wien/ The museum of Ethnology (The Culture of the Cultural Revolution)
  • The Albertina (Der Blaue Reiter, Monet to Picasso, Albertina contemporary and Lichtenstein)
  • MozartHaus
  • The Schoenberg centre

My favourites were definitely the Akionsraum 1 and Direct Art exhibitions at the MUMoK as a lot of the pieces in the shows are key influences linked to my practice (I will discuss these exhibitions in another post). In the UK it’s hard to find performance exhibitions and it is especially hard to see works by the Viennese Aktionists as they’re rarely displayed so it was great to actually see those works in front of me including lost works by the artists.

We wandered around a lot which is nice, You can walk around the city in a day or two, it’s not that big so it’s nice as you get to see more of the city and more of life in Vienna. We found a few vintage shops (there aren’t many by the way) and I found this amazing second hand store called Caritas which is like a cross between a big car boot sale and a charity shop, there are loads of  stalls where you can buy really cheap things such as furniture for as little as €3 (I found great quality leather suitcases from the 30s which were going for €5). There is also a fantastic flea market (Der Flohmarkt) on Saturdays at the Naschmarkt which is the biggest I have seen, reminds a lot of the Sunday flea market on Brick Lane but much bigger and with a variety of objects/things on offer (I found an amazing 1920s gramophone in excellent condition, it’s a shame it was so big otherwise I would have bought it and sent it over to London!).

There’s so much to see!!

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