Collaboration with Georgie Hodgson

5 Jun

Me and Georgie have recently teamed up to create a series of works as we have been working with similar ideas within our own practices. I think it has been successful so far, we’ve brought different experiences, ideas and talents to the table and we have worked well together. It has been hard to meet up and actually film and edit the videos we’ve made as we have both been busy with our own solo works but it has been much fun. We have yet to edit some footage but we have re-shot some of the videos as we thought they could be better, but we are yet to edit so I have included stills, photographs and either partially edited and/or non-edited videos as a documentation of the outcome our collaborations this year.


These series of works started as an experimentation where we project my video (Elle Porno) with Georgie’s (Glaze) and overlap them to see what the resulting image is. This was at the start of our collaboration and it was a way for us to brainstorm and decide what we wanted to get from this collaboration.

Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4


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