Let Them Eat Cake, 2012

5 Jun

Let Them Eat Cake, 2012
A1 Poster (59.4 x 84.1cm)

This was originally a film still from the video (of the same name) we had shot back in December in 2011. I played around with editing tools in photoshop and this is what was finalised. We both really like this image and we have decided that this particular image would be presented as a poster (almost as if it were an advert for the video). This is going to be displayed in the drawing show that will accompany the degree show and also in the ptbm shop.

It’s a very powerful image which is why i think it works well as a poster or photograph rather than a film still, it can stand alone as a work of it’s own.

Here is the first edit of the video (1st round).

The next set of images are stills or photographic documentation of the video/shoot (from the first shoot, we later re-shot the whole thing).


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One Response to “Let Them Eat Cake, 2012”

  1. lennie June 24, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Andie Macario is a cool artist and fully deserves a first class degree from the Lennie Lee university of the arse.

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