Smother, 2012

5 Jun

(Video Still)

We wanted to play around and somehow combine our ideas and create something that would bring out the best of our individual practices. We took from Georgie’s Syrup videos and my Milk one (GOT MILK?) and we combined my use of wigs to create a vibrant imagery and teamed it up with Georgie’s use of translucent foods to create something that was very sexualised via those two elements meshing well into one another. We decided that I would be the performer and Georgie would work the camera but that we would both direct the film.

The Treacle works really well as it really brings out the red of the wig, creating a sexual visual but at the same time turning the food into something abject.

This is the video that I have edited, we stil have to edit together and perhaps re-shoot it as the lighting is a bit off (it has a yellow tint when it should be  a white back ground. But I have played around a bit on Final Cut to try to achieve that whiteness but although it looks ok, I’d rather we shot it again but with more white spot lighting in the background.


One Response to “Smother, 2012”

  1. lennie June 21, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    like your videos

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