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Carnal Instincts, 2013

4 Apr

After the live version of God Save the Queen, Henrik asked me to come up with a performance for the second round of Black Metal Chicken. At the second event they were to screen the uncut version of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on super 8 film.

I hadn’t actually seen the film at this point and I was a bit worried of what I could do that would correlate with the film. Me and Henrik talked a lot about the film and how it could relate to my own practice. The end result was very little rehearsed, I kind of left it up to spontaneity as I wanted to watch some of the film before I decided what exactly I would do. But also I felt like the performance should be a direct response to what it was that was before me on the screen, I wanted it to be visceral and grotesque but in a simple and sexy way…or perhaps it was even more disturbing rather than sexy?


God Save the Queen – PART 3

4 Apr

After having been in the studio discussing the re-making of God Save the Queen, Victor approached me about taking this work into a live happening at Black Metal Chicken, an event curated by Henrik Heinonen. Taking this live meant that we had to slightly change it and work with an audience, how were we going to perform it? Would we announce it? Would we go on a platform? All these questions we had to consider.

First, we thought about the use of the music in the video and how it gave it a vaudeville feel. It makes the audience feel even more unsettled as those hands reach out for my neck. So to go along with this, we decided to have a song playing in the background as we performed, something recognisable that we could pin point as our cue to start the happening. So we went with the Benny Hill theme tune.

We decided not to time ourselves or to chose the time we would start, nor did we tell anyone what we were going to be doing (apart from Henrik). He was the decision maker on this one, we gave him the power to decide when we would start the performance but not tell us, all he had to do was put on the soundtrack and it would prompt us to perform.

It was quite nerve-racking, not knowing when we would be called upon to act. I found that I was shaking before, I was so nervous!  At first when the soundtrack was played I couldn’t hear it as it wasn’t loud enough so as I was sat at the dining table with a few friends, I looked over at Victor and asked him for my phone, not realising that he had prompted to put his black leather gloves on (the ones used in the video) and mask (used to keep his anonymity as it worked well before). Once we started, those sat at the table got up and stood back to watch us, at one point I heard a woman shout “what’s happening? What’s he doing to her? Why is nobody stopping this?”. I’m not sure what happened after as I was choking really hard and focusing on not vomiting at the table in front of the food, at times I fell into an “un-conscious” state, not in terms of passing out but almost like removing myself from my physical body.  Once the music stopped, Victor got up and left the table, leaving me to re-compose myself and leave to get a glass of water before resuming my conversation with a friend.

Some footage from the performance…