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Carnal Instincts, 2013

4 Apr

After the live version of God Save the Queen, Henrik asked me to come up with a performance for the second round of Black Metal Chicken. At the second event they were to screen the uncut version of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on super 8 film.

I hadn’t actually seen the film at this point and I was a bit worried of what I could do that would correlate with the film. Me and Henrik talked a lot about the film and how it could relate to my own practice. The end result was very little rehearsed, I kind of left it up to┬áspontaneity as I wanted to watch some of the film before I decided what exactly I would do. But also I felt like the performance should be a direct response to what it was that was before me on the screen, I wanted it to be visceral and grotesque but in a simple and sexy way…or perhaps it was even more disturbing rather than sexy?